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Cul de pute red deer

cul de pute red deer

Un maquereau is of course, literally, a fish (mackerel). Back to the Alternative Dictionaries Home Page TAD is edited and maintained by HC ( ). A bedroom may be referred to as "un champ de tir" (a shooting gallery). Va te faire foutre! Pipe (noun, f) blowjob Faire une pipe: To give a blowjob pipi - pee, wee(-wee) "faire pipi "to do/have a wee(-wee pee" pisser to pee, to piss More colloquial than offensive in French. It will shock litterally everyone within hearing distance.

Also used in senses such as "son nez pisse du sang" blood is pouring from his/her nose poilu (noun, masc.) a man who is a stud, a real hunk Literal translation: hairy, shaggy. Réclamez votre accès gratuit de 7 jours. chiken) Cops know this word but hate it! It's very common, found in print and rap music as well as conversations. Originally used to describe high fashion, or the ultimate in good taste. Needless to say, Popaul enjoys the circus immensely. Polichinelle (noun, masculine) a puppet - in this case, a duck although "un polichinelle" will be used in an amused way to indicate a kid, the full original expression is "elle a un polichinelle dans le tiroir.e. Bitch, cow, etc Derogatory term for a woman.

See Acadian/Cajun dictionary for additional details. Trou du cul (abrev : trou duc asshole Is said for a (male) person you consider as ridiculous or stupid. To pull, can be found sometimes in popular phrases like the reflexive "se tirer la queue" (to pull on your putz). It insists on the wetness of the slit that graces women's bellies, as "mouille" in "elle mouille" (she's getting wet). LEs'beto Verlan version of "laisse tomber" les Anglais (noun, masculine, plural) the Redcoats (the Red Flag, etc.) French, as any other language, has numerous periphrastic and euphemistic expressions to indicate female menstruation, a phenomenon that our male-dominated societies, until recently, did not consider dignified enough. Regarder cette vidéo HD maintenant, vous ne verrez jamais de publicités! (verb phrase) go get fucked up the ass by the Greeks!

Tringler (verb) to fuck (see tringle) to fuck (see tringle) trique (noun, feminine) a boner la trique is a whipping instrument: "des coups de trique" could only be erotic in a sado-masochist context. It is another version of "la veuve et les deux orphelines.e. To fuck Rarely used except in "va te faire foutre!" (qv). The most standard verb is therefore "se masturber followed by "se branler but "se palucher based on "paluche" meaning hand, comes close as a common form for what priests and conservative psychologists came to call l auto-gratification" (self-gratification) during the 1950s. Whatever the cause, our Chinese comrades are often put to good use with the metaphor "se polir le Chinois" (to polish the Chinaman for the very sweet act of giving yourself pleasure. Connard cunt, bastard, wanker, etc Insult towards a man.


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The Alternative French Dictionary - Homsher Minor corrections are still wanted, please use the feedback form. Connecting People through News. PressReader - Official Site All-you-can-read digital newsstand with thousands of the worlds most popular newspapers and magazines. Vast selection of top stories in full-content format available for free.

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See also the, quebecois and, haitian Creole French dictionaries. Mouffi ou Moufflarge A real fucking dick like a son of a bitch! For the circus, 's usually hidden at the junction of a lady's thighs. The comparison between the penis and a cigar can even be found in more literary circumstances: in a scene recherche rencontre gratuite site de rencontre gratuit et fiable of the novel Le Temps des Anges by Swiss-French ewriter Catherine Colomb, a banker cuts the tip off a Cuban cigar with his d thinks about. T tante queen Derogatory term for a gay man. Viande a pneus (driving expression) meat for tires pedestrian. Teuf (f.) party This is the Verlan version of "fe'te".

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Except Popaul looks a bit already like the pink trunk of a tiny elephant - in fact, just like a dick. Most common, however, is the metaphor of a weapon shooting. Several politicians even went to jail. Tirer (verb, transitive) to pull or to shoot The most common regular meaning of "tirer.e. In fact, "bloblos" is a vulgarizing variation of a word found commonly in children's language, "lolos the source of milk, commonly known as "du lolo". My teacher's opinion of his own abilities is exaggerated.

R ramoner (verb, transitive) to sweep the chimney -.e., to screw the in-out movement of the penis into the vagina or the rectum is of course a natural metaphor for the movement of the chimney-sweeper's brush, as it goes up and down the chimney. Unless we take the word, as is taken metaphorically here, as in "la trique" (a fuck "avoir la trique" (to be horny as hell the obvious reference being to the hard and yet somewhat flexible qualities of the erect virile appendage. Eg: "putain de merde!" fucking hell! Meuf, une a woman, une femme moef This is the Verlan version of "femme". She usually has two children, obviously fatherless, "les deux orphelines" (the two orphans.e. Enculer to bugger, to fuck Refers to anal sex only. He meant, primarily, journalists. Derived from "cul" (qv). Moule (noun, feminine) vulva Commonly used. Chauve should be pronounced somewhat like "shove" in English.

Used exclusively by gay men, not by straight men looking for women. "Je veux lecher ton foutre" I want to swallow your cum. Con cunt Refers to the female genitalia. Chatte pussy Refers to the female genitalia. Chinois (noun, masculine) the Chinaman -.e., a penis Is it because the opening at the tip is somewhat more like a slit than an actual hole? Now often used disparagingly to describe pretentious "yuppies". Example: a friend of yours is about to take an exam. Drague (noun, fem.) looking for sex partners Literal translation: dredge. Chiottes the bog (UK the can (US) cigare (noun, masculine) dick Commonly used in phrases like "couper le cigare" (to circumcize, in kids' slang "fumer le cigare" (to give a blowjob).

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Borrowed from the 19th century, the expression "aller au charbon" was used by former prime comment faire une rencontre sur facebook st catharines minister Raymond Barre, a very non-political politician recruited for his supposed economic skills, when president Giscard d'Estaing forced him to be a candidate in a district of Lyons -. TAD is being reconstructed - input is disabled! Foutre (verb) to bugger up, to screw up To ruin, to spoil. Couilles balls, bollocks Testicles. Just like kids watching clowns and tigers erupt in laughter. Cailler (v) to be cold Esp. Not every dictionary mentions this fact! Réclamez votre accès gratuit de 7 jours, en vous inscrivant aujourd'hui, vous obtenez une semaine d'accès gratuit, sans publicités Contenu Exclusif Vidéos HD Annuler n'Importe Quand. The syllables are reversed, and "eu" is added morue (noun, feminine) a low-level whore morue (originally cod like "merlan" or "maquereau is a word referring originally to fish. Gay slang for shooting cum on someone during sex.